Visitors at Heidelberg Castle

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Hit the road together and experience some of the locality's most beautiful spots with group offers for Baden-Württemberg's castles and gardens. Here, groups will find convenient offers that are just what they're looking for. Whether a guided event or a tour – our group offers a relaxed visitor experience.

Visitors at Heidelberg Castle

Enjoy a special day at the castle.

Offers for private groups and clubs

Fancy a great fun-filled day out with your club or friends? Perhaps you even have a specific historical subject in mind? Or you might want to combine a tour with a culinary aspect – maybe a glass of wine on the castle terrace? Our offers for private groups and clubs provide a range of options for you to choose from. All focusing on satisfying your needs.

Visitors at Heidelberg Castle

Various tours to choose from.

Offers for travel agencies

Our destinations are some of the country's most popular: from the world’s most famous ruined castle to Dornröschen’s castle in a rural idyll or a residential castle on lake Constance to a UNESCO world heritage monastery, we ensure a fully customized and luxurious experience for your customers. Many of our historical buildings and grandiose gardens are so unique that the mere mention of them arouses curiosity and makes people want to visit. We offer a range of trips and tours for every visit, which you can complement with special elements of experience. Let us help you with your plans.

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