Interior of the Imperial Hall in the Ottheinrich Building at Heidelberg Palace

Prince-Elector Ottheinrich's ceremonial hallThe Imperial Hall

The Imperial Hall is one of the most beautiful rooms at Heidelberg Palace, and many of the parts are still original. Prince-Elector Ottheinrich had the ceremonial hall built inside the Ottheinrich Building between 1556 and 1559. It was named in honor of Emperor Maximilian II's visit to Heidelberg.

Imperial Hall portal in the Ottheinrich Building at Heidelberg Palace

Beautiful sandstone embrasures from the Renaissance.

Fascinating sandstone features

The two column shafts and the original door frames show how splendidly the Imperial Hall was once decorated. Imaginative sandstone ornaments were carved in the Renaissance style. Edges of a cross vault can still be seen on the ceiling. The original sculptures from the facade of the Ottheinrich Building on display here are also quite impressive. The Flemish sculptor, Alexander Colin (1526–1612), carved them in the mid-16th century.

Interior of the Imperial Hall in the Ottheinrich Building at Heidelberg Palace

A favorite romantic spot for newlyweds.

Celebrations with exceptional ambiance

In the 1950s, the second floor of the Ottheinrich Building, which had been burned out in the 18th century, was re-roofed, thus creating a special space in Heidelberg for exhibitions and events. This includes the Imperial Hall with its atmospherically lit figures and ornate sandstone decorations; an exceptional setting for romantic weddings. 

This Heidelberg Palace treasure can be viewed as part of a special tour.

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