View of a shoe-shaped imprint on a cobblestone of the Great Terrace

A bold knightThe Knight's Leap

On the Great Terrace at Heidelberg Castle, a shoe-shaped imprint fascinates visitors from across the globe. A brave knight is said to have left this deep impression in the sandstone as he leaped from a window in the Friedrich’s Wing.

Great Terrace on the Friedrich’s Wing at Heidelberg Castle

Shoe imprint on the Great Terrace.

He leaped for his life

According to legend, a lady-in-waiting was entertaining a knight in one of the rooms of the Friedrich’s Wing. Upon the discovery of the couple in flagranti, the knight is said to have leaped from the window in desperation. The iron shoe of his armor left a deep impression in the sandstone on the Great Terrace. In another version, the knight was forced to jump through fire in full armor.

Comparing shoe sizes on the terrace

Large print, small foot:

Comparing shoe sizes

Today, visitors to Heidelberg Castle enjoy placing their own foot inside the imprint left by the "knight's leap." If the imprint fits, the legend says that that person can expect to live a happy life.

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