Heidelberg Castle

Oldest residential castleThe Ruprecht’s Wing

Many examples of Heidelberg Castle's important history are housed in the late medieval Ruprecht’s Wing. Guided tours include interesting models of the castle and garden.

Coat of arms relief of King Ruprecht I, on the Ruprecht’s Wing at Heidelberg Castle

Coat of arms relief for King Ruprecht I.

Royal residence

The Ruprecht’s Wing is the oldest surviving residential palace within Heidelberg Castle. Its uninterrupted facade and Gothic entrance make it one of the few surviving remnants from the late medieval castle. The once single-story, simple structure was built under King Ruprecht I, who ruled between 1400 and 1410. His coat of arms, comprising an imperial eagle, a Palatine lion and the Wittelsbach rhombus, is depicted on the facade. It references his claim of royal dignity within the Holy Roman Empire.

Statue of Prince-Elector Ruprecht III von der Pfalz (a German king) on the courtyard facade of the Friedrich’s Wing at Heidelberg Castle

Statue of Ruprecht III on the Friedrich’s Wing.

Stately late medieval castle

The ground floor houses the Knights' Hall and the model hall, including remnants of their former elegant decor. The rib vault keystones depict the coats of arms of the electoral family. English lions and French lilies reference the marriage of Ruprecht's son, who became Ludwig III, to Princess Blanka of England. A large portion of her considerable dowry of 100,000 guilders went into the expansion of Heidelberg Castle.

Interior of Knights' Hall in the Ruprecht’s Wing at Heidelberg Castle
Interior of model hall in the Ruprecht’s Wing at Heidelberg Castle

King Ruprecht I dined with his knights in the Knights' Hall...

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